Hey Bliss Babes!

Spring is here and we are welcoming this new season with opened hearts and arms!

There is something special about a new season, especially Spring, flowers are in bloom and it allows us to bloom new perspectives and new discoveries for ourselves. Nature signals a reawakening of our senses and it demands our attention. Be empowered by Spring, shed away the past and walk into a renewed phase of yourself. 

The purpose of this blog is to reinvigorate your 5 senses; sight, smell, hear, taste and touch.


There are so many things to see, walk out your door and give your surroundings a new perspective. Flowers are blooming, clouds are forming new shapes, the sky's a different blue hue than yesterday. These little things are ever changing and this season sheds light on the renewal around us. Take the time to notice these changes and be surprised by the wonderous world around you. It will invoke gratefulness and allow you to see fortune where you once saw despair.


Listen to the wind whisper, birds are chirping new harmonies and your new favorite song may be the next to play on that playlist. Our march brings more showers than sunshine, so take the time to listen, allow it to wash away those negative, non-serving feelings that maybe harboring your best self. We must recognize the divinity within ourselves, take the time to treat yourself with positive thoughts and respect. 





The sweet smell of spring offers scents of fresh florals, greenery, and citrus. The collection of Lollia perfumes, bubble bath and hand cream we offer at Bliss Boutique offers these pretty scents in a form that can travel with you wherever you go. Our Poppy&Pout Chapsticks are like fruit baskets in a tiny package that you can wear on your lips.

You can shop our Lollia Collection of bubbles, hand creams and perfumes directly here! Our Poppy&Pout Chapsticks are also available to purchase online!

 As we experience a transformation in our surroundings, our worlds have also been transforming in the way that places are starting to reopen, allowing us more ways and opportunities to venture out. Restaurants are offering fresh tastes, new places have emerged, and they are awaiting your presence. This past weekend we were honored to host two amazing small businesses that are run by hard-working and inspiring people. Camille, working mama and founder of Koaware, presented her edible works of art. While Mike, creator of TricycleCoffee, whipped up the most delectable beverages that complimented Koaware’s mochi donuts. These innovators are inspiring our taste buds to try new things. 


Spring introduces warmer days, take the moment to feel the sunshine on your skin. The sun lingers making the days longer, allowing us to experience more. Take the time to be inspired by your surroundings and open up to new encounters. Introduce fabrics to your wardrobe that feel soft against your skin. Most importanlty reach out and touch someone with kindness.


With all that said, we want you to challenge yourself this season. Try new things and invoke a new sense of self. Don’t go to the things that you immediately like and are familiar with. Look at new things that you want to experience, put them on and look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself in a new way, this is a great way to introduce new colors to your wardrobe.Your renewed energy will encourage a new style for yourself. Use what is around you and altar it to create your own aesthetic. Style your soul and wear what makes you feel good.


Cultivate joy, be spontaneous and live in Bliss!