Hey Bliss Babes!

Welcome to our very first blog post. We have a few special bits to share with you! 

This past week we were honored to have Tamisha; fashionista, ambitionista, entrepreneur and all the things, come in and speak to our followers through IGTV. The thing about sharing the same space with someone who radiates so much light and energy, is that you walk away feeling empowered.

How does one captivate an audience and make others feel empowered, inspired and all good things!? Well, keep reading on for some tips on how to bring forth your best self and shine your light.

The core of the conversation began with the power of spending time on yourself and doing the simplest things to make you feel good. We have all endured a change in our lives this past year and it has left a huge impact in so many ways. Whether it was a career shift, a loss or even an eye opener. We take these shifts as a lesson to be learned and shared. Tamisha shed light on gaining your spark back. If you lost a little bit of your luster, honey, it’s okay. The most important thing is that you recognize it and you are willing to gain it back and it’s as simple as choosing to get dressed in the morning.

The simplicity of doing what makes you feel good, whether it’s washing your face, working out, hydrating your skin or even a warm cup of joy in the morning, these habits set the tone for the rest of your day. Perhaps your circumstances created a different outlook on the way you get dressed. We can all agree that versatility and comfort are in the forefront when choosing an outfit of the day. Despite the continuum of trends, do and wear what makes you FEEL GOOD! Be bold and stand out, comfort does not need to be compromised.

Staple pieces like denim, a white top, or a solid jumpsuit like the one Tamisha showcased in her IGTV are perfect bases to build on. When you have a good foundation, building on that is easy and it allows you to customize your look and be unique in your own right. 

Accessories are easy building blocks to attribute to an overall outfit. Metal elements elevate any look with gold or silver and beaded jewelry create a down to earth vibe that creates warmth and edge. My favorite jewelry pieces are the conversation starters. Unique pieces that stand alone and speak for themselves. Find your specialty pieces and incorporate it into your look and you will feel confident.

The most important thing to remember is that in order to look your best you must feel your best! Do that inner work, when you invest in yourself your confidence flows through you and the people you encounter. Put your great energy out into the world! You have the power to set the trajectory of your day and your LIFE. Empower yourself each day and remind yourself that you are capable and strong.

Surround yourself with love, be authentically you and live in Bliss.




If you haven’t already, be sure to tune into Tamisha’s talk on our Instagram account @bliss_boutique

You can also follow her at @eloquently_tee