Hey Bliss Babes and happy January! The first month of the new year can sometimes feel overwhelming as we try to set a a solid foundation for the rest of the year. It can also bring about feelings of nostalgia, reflecting on the past years and maybe even have us thinking about the good ol’ days of our childhood. If you grew up in the Monterey Bay Area, flashes of driving to the beach and walking along the wharf may come to mind. Remember when we were so excited for a Saturday out with the family or friends and being treated to a delicious candy apple or taffy? Who says those days have to stay in the past?

The now is about creating new memories for us to look back on. Bring out your inner child and enjoy bright fun colors and sweet treats again! This Spring, Bliss has all the bright, fun and sweet pieces to fill your heart and closet up. From our fun and vibrant Verry Berry Cardigan to our My Perfect Day Patchwork Denim, we have all the pops of colors for your Spring Wardrobe. And let’s not forget the ear candy we just launched in our Jewelry Collection! Our Over the Rainbow Earrings and Fairy Floss Tassel Necklace are the perfect staple for Spring.
cardigan and patchwork jeans
So, whether you decide to recreate your childhood memories with a walk on the wharf, or pop into Bliss Salinas/Bliss Monterey for some bright additions to your life…we hope you lean into your inner child with us! :)


Happy Spring, Bliss Babes! x